Website and blog proofreading

Proofreading of web texts on a website or blog gives the texts a significant linguistic boost. With correct and well-written texts, a signal of thoroughness and quality is sent. You show that you take care and take the reader seriously. It creates confidence and much better conversions.

We offer the market’s clearly lowest prices for proofreading websites and blogs.

Quality in proofreading

We use existing web texts that we correct and, if the customer wishes, rewrite so that the message is razor-sharp and precise.

We care a lot about quality. It’s not just something we’re talking about as a selling point. We always try to do our best so that the customer gets what the customer pays for – and some more.

But while quality is the dominant benchmark for our work, we still offer the market’s significantly lowest prices for proofreading websites and blogs. We can do this because we are a group of dedicated linguists who all have full employment alongside the work for our company. We work with language, including proofreading, because we like it.

Contact us for proofreading of the web texts on a website or blog. We would like to give a fixed and very attractive price. You are also very welcome to contact us if you just want us to take a look at your website and give a suggestion as to whether the language needs to be lifted.

SEO proofing of websites and blogs

SEO proofing is a comprehensive revision and significant improvement to an existing web text. The SEO review includes alm. proofing and search engine optimization of the web text.

  The price for SEO proofing is $ 79.95 per. normal page (excluding VAT).

You have a website to be viewed online. The condition of being viewed on the web is that the website is found. If one is a large, established brand, there is no art to be found. However, if you are a smaller and more unknown company, it is important to optimize your website against Google so that Google assigns the site a good ranking on relevant keywords and search phrases.

There are many factors that come into play when Google ranks a website. But a key factor is the text on the site. Google rewards websites with a correct and well-worded language, because Google generally rewards quality in search results. It is the quality of the site that gives the user the most value.

Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that the site texts are good and written in a correct and fluent language.

The good web text is also put together in word choice and structure in a way that appeals to Google, just as meta tags, internal link structure and headlines form part of the work of search engine optimization of the web text or blog.

Good web text is not only optimized against Google. It is also optimized for the user. If the user does not find the text readable, the user will quickly click away from the page and that action will be perceived by Google as an expression of quality.

We fix all formats

We perform proofreading on websites in different ways.

If the text is not yet online, we will perform the proofing in the format of the text, typically Word or similar. The word format is good to read proofreading, because the program has a proofreading feature where we can correct the text directly, while the program records all the changes the reviewer makes. It has the advantage that the customer can see what has been fixed.

If the text is online, we can copy the text from the web into a Word document and correct it. When the customer receives the document, the customer must implement the corrections on the site himself.

There is also a possibility that the reviewer will get a temporary guest login to the site’s backend, so that the reviewer can correct the text directly on the site. It is a quick and easy solution for both the reviewer and the customer, but has the weakness that the customer subsequently cannot see, specifically what has been corrected.

Whether the website is to be corrected online or offline is always agreed between us and the customer.

Offer for proofreading entire websites

We would like to give a total price for proofreading of all pages on a website.

We get an overview of the amount of text and the linguistic level of the site and calculate a price accordingly. We have the market’s significantly lowest proof reading per word / page, so our price on an entire site will certainly be competitive.

The total price depends on the form of proof. We offer 3 types of proofing for business.

Correction Basis is the standard correction that corrects all errors. These are misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation and punctuation errors, both punctuation, commas and all other characters. The text we return to the customer is 100% flawless.

Proof Plus is an extended proof that, in addition to the basic proof, reformulates sentences that are unclear or otherwise problematic. The text we return to the customer is completely flawless and the language is more fluid and accurate.

Proofing Premium is the very thorough and in-depth proofing that, in addition to the regular proofing, rewrites entire passages and paragraphs so that the message is clear to the target audience. The text we deliver back to the customer is flawless, razor sharp and implemented at all language levels.