Quality Correction of Professional Educators

Proofreading of books and manuscripts

Have you written a book to be reviewed by a professional reviewer?

At Task Correction we offer proofreading of books and manuscripts at the lowest prices in the industry. Our review goes in depth and addresses all the errors that the author himself overlook: punctuation, spelling, grammatical, and typos.

We correct all kinds of books: novels, professional books, educational materials and all other book-based publications.

The proofreading is also borne out by obscure words and problematic phrases that should be tightened up. And the reviewer obviously offers a different wording – always in respect of the book’s linguistic style and tone.

We do proofreading of books and manuscripts in English for publishers and self-publishers, and we read proofreading on both fiction and non-fiction books.

Writing rules and proofreading policy

At Task Correction, proofreading of books is carried out according to the rules of writing from the Language Board.

The spelling rules are absolute, but nevertheless provide many choices, for example in the spelling of selected words, the use of abbreviations and punctuation. We always follow the practices in the book, or the review policy described by a publisher or self-publisher.

How much does proofreading a book or screenplay cost?

Proofreading of a book basically costs $ 49 per. normal page (2400 estimates), corresponding to about $ 0,13 per word. Of course, in the case of many pages, we are prepared to offer a volume discount.

The price of $ 49 covers a basic correction, which involves corrections of all the formal errors of the book. But Correction Basis we make the book flawless from end to end.

Proof Plus is an extended proof that includes corrections of problematic words and phrases. As a reviewer, you often come across words that are spelled correctly but which are inaccurate in context, as well as encounters that are formally correct but that are obscure, snotty or otherwise problematic. Proofreading obviously corrects obscure words / phrases and also makes the writer aware of words and phrases that appear problematic.

Proofreading of novels

When writing a novel over many pages, there will be typos and other errors in the language. It cannot be avoided. For the same reason, proofreading is always required before the novel is sent in print.

We offer cheap and fast quality proofing that cleans your book of any mistakes.

Some books require more work than others. If the need for proofing is greater, the proofing will involve a number of reformulations. In these cases, it is important that the novel review takes into account the particular linguistic style and aesthetics of the work.

The reviewers who direct our novels are experienced linguists with a look for literary language.

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Proofreading of professional books

Professional books are naturally written in a special language that belongs to the specific professional field that the professional book deals with.

At Task Correction we have the expertise to proofread professional books in many different professional areas. Our reviewers are all highly educated with a high vocabulary, a broad knowledge, a high level of abstraction and, above all, a language understanding that enables them to perform a competent and qualified review in almost all academic fields.

In addition to proofreading, we also offer to optimize a text book so that it communicates accurately and directly to the target group.

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Proofreading of textbooks

If you need to read proofreading on a teaching book, it is advantageous for the reviewer to know something about teaching and professional / educational dissemination.

We have special prerequisites for proofreading of teaching materials. Typically, Jan will be proofreading books for teaching. Jan has a background as a teacher in teacher education and has therefore for many years worked professionally with educational dissemination.

You may not think so, but the proof is clearly better if you are familiar with the genre and the content of the text otherwise.

In addition to proofreading, we also offer to optimize a text book so that it speaks precisely and directly to the target group.