Proofreading of brochures

Get professional proofreading of brochures and similar materials, such as leaflets and leaflets. It’s cheap and it’s money well spent. Our reviewer can read proofs on brochures significantly faster and therefore significantly cheaper than most others.

We have the expertise and routine of reading high quality proofs at the clear lowest prices on the market.

Correction of brochures in several languages

We read proofs of brochures in different languages, but we also easily manage brochures and other printed matter in English. We have a couple of very competent English reviewers who know the English language and grammar in depth and who can therefore correct with high quality, so that the brochure is completely flawless and correct in the language.

If you need proofreading in other languages, you are also welcome to contact us. We work with a large number of people who can proofread different languages.

Different levels of brochure proofing

At Task Correction we offer 3 types of proofreading of brochures.

  Correction basis

This proofing form corrects your brochure for all language errors, such as spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and typos. Correction Basis is the correct form of proof if you want to make sure that the brochure is flawless.

  Proof Plus

With Proof Plus, your brochure is fixed so it is flawless. But we also make corrections that tighten the language so that the message becomes clearer. We look at word choice and replace the ‘obscure’ words with more precise words. We also evaluate the sentences and rephrase the sentences that are unclear or otherwise problematic.

  Correction Premium

Proofing Premium is the in-depth and very time-consuming proofing. Of course, we correct all the errors, but we also rewrite sentences and entire passages so that the message is clear and clear to the target audience. And we correct the language taking into account the target audience.

Fast delivery of proofread booklet

In the box you can see our delivery times for proofs of brochures, leaflets, booklets and other printed matter. In practice, however, delivery time depends on various factors: the linguistic starting point, the chosen form of proofing and our capacity for a given period.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is get a good quote for a specific job – a quote on both price and delivery date.

However, despite all factors affecting delivery time, it is always our goal to offer fast delivery. And we do not charge extra for express delivery. If we have a proofreader free of charge for the assignment, we do express proofreading of brochures at the normal price.

Word and PDF

We recommend that you get proofread booklets in Word format. This format is very proof-friendly in that Word has a proof-based feature that allows the customer to see all the language changes made in the brochure.

The customer can then accept the corrections one at a time or accept them all with a single click. It provides a high degree of transparency in the work.

If the text is in PDF format, we can do it too. There are no problems. The meaning of a PDF is that one should not be able to correct the text, and therefore we can not directly edit in a PDF, as is the case with Word.

We will mark and describe the errors, but in a PDF you will then have to make the corrections yourself in the text. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to do so.