Proofreading of articles journals

Proofreading of articles and journals

We perform professional proofreading of articles and / or journals, which we cleanse from ALL linguistic errors and bleak wordings. Of course, we also like to read proofs of magazines, leaflets, brochures, booklets and similar texts.

On our website, it is our ambition to combine the market’s lowest price with high quality – both in proofreading, but also in collaboration with the customer. We do our best to deliver a good product and good customer service – always!

Proofreading Team

Our team of 5 skilled and experienced reviewers, and together we cover the languages English and German.

Jan owns and runs the company

Our work in the company is driven by the interest and fascination of language and spelling. Of course, we get paid for the work, but we all have other revenue and can therefore offer the market’s lowest prices for proofreading articles and journals.

We read proofs for business, associations and institutions alike.

Double-proofing of articles and journals

The article or magazine we send back to the customer is 100% flawless. It requires a thorough review, even for an experienced reviewer. That’s why we always double-proof the articles.

Most articles are part of a layout context, and we often find that a second proof is needed when the article is layout. The migration from Word to layout program rarely happens completely seamlessly. For example, there may be words that are shared incorrectly, or special characters that are not reproduced correctly in the new setup.

Therefore, we do the 2nd proofing after setting up the text – unless the customer wants something different.

In the case of a series of articles to be published together, for example in a magazine or magazine, we also make sure that the texts are harmonized so that, for example, the use of quotation techniques, typography, orthography, abbreviations etc. are consistent across the articles. .

We read proofreading in different file formats, but prefer Word. This is because Word has a proofreading feature that makes proofing very transparent to both the customer and the reviewer himself.